FOKT Music

Forget the oompah, this is Fremont, and we bring the boompah.

The 2017 Main Stage Lineup

5:00 PM: The Urban Achievers (Led Zeppelin Tribute)
6:20 PM: Stein Hoisting
7:30 PM: Folkinception
8:30 PM: Miss Buxom Royalty Contest
9:30 PM: DJ Indica Jones ’80s v. ’90s

2:30 PM: Jar of Flies (Alice in Chains Tribute)
4:00 PM: Dudley Manlove Quartet
6:00 PM: Stein Hoisting
7:00 PM: BowieVision
8:30 PM: DJ Indica Jones ’80s v. ’90s

12:30 PM: Seattle School of Rock House Band
2:00 PM: Texas Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving
3:00 PM: Hairstorm